After a year of testing we are pleased to introduce the long, full, damage free ULYANA ASTER hair extensions. These hair extensions represent the essence of Ulyana’s work; passion, sophistication and elegance.

In our design we have used the new invisible application system and highest quality of Russian Remy Hair which still has its outer cuticle layer where all the follicles face the same direction.

This makes your extensions last longer, stay shinier, feel silky, and stay tangle free.

ULYANA ASTER hair extensions are perfect for creating your ideal hair style and will allow you to achieve both fullness and length.

Tested by Ulyana herself, we have created what we believe to be the ideal hair extensions for any type of hair. Whether you are hoping to achieve a fuller hair style for your wedding, or simply enjoy having longer hair for any occasion. Our quality, damage-free hair extensions can be used for any occasion and incorporated into any hair style.

By creating these hair extensions, Ulyana wants to help women:

  • Celebrate wedding days, holidays and special events with long, beautiful hair.
  • Learn to create their own hair styles in which the extensions will look naturally stunning, rather than fake and messy.
  • Reduce the dependence on poor quality hair extensions that are painful to wear and ruin natural hair.
  • Enjoy beautiful, voluminous hair every single day, not just on special occasions.


The ULYANA ASTER hair extensions are made of 180 grams of the finest quality Russian human Remy hair that adds instant length and volume. This is the same amount of hair that you would purchase in a full set of clip in or bonded extensions.

There are 2 ways to wear our one piece hair extensions:

  1. Using the invisible elastic band
  2. Using the clip in system

Our clips are 28mm long with silicon tubing to ensure they maintain a strong and enduring grip.

If you prefer to not use the clips, they can be easily removed.

Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all the follicles face the same direction. This makes the ULYANA ASTER hair extensions last longer and remain shiny, silky, and tangle-free.

The ULYANA ASTER hair extensions are double drawn hair extensions. This means that the strands are the same thickness from root to tip rather than becoming thin at the ends. This process is very difficult, resulting in a higher price, but the very best quality.

The ULYANA ASTER hair extensions allow for versatility and freedom when styling your hair by creating texture, filling volume and enhancing the beauty of your natural hair. Every piece is carefully created from the highest quality 100% Remy human hair through a double drawn technique that provides thickness and equal volume from top to bottom which mimics your natural hair. Cut, colour, style, and love your extensions and add beautiful, luxurious length and weight to your hair.

Protect your natural hair with the highest quality, and enhance your beauty with thick, full extensions from ULYANA ASTER.

Thank you for choosing us, and enjoy your very own ULYANA ASTER hair extensions.