Thinking about getting hair extensions? Then you are most likely wondering which ones would be best suitable to you. With so many types of extensions available in todays market it can get confusing and frustrating to choose the best option.

It is no secret that hair extensions are a hot trend and that most female celebrities and influencers use the magic of ‘long luscious hair in minutes’ to achieve that glamorous look we are all after.

But not all of us have the luxury of time and money to spend at the hair salon to achieve the desired locks and that is where Ulyana Aster Halo Hair Extensions can help.

You may have heard of clip in, taped or beaded extensions. They are either temporary, or permanent options for instant long and thick hair. Each application method varies in time and cost and would usually require a salon professional to apply.

But with the halo hair extensions you do not need to be a professional or spend all day at the salon. You can easily apply your extensions in literally minutes and enjoy beautiful and natural 100% Remy Human Hair all day long.

The secret is in the halo wire attached to each of the clip in extensions. You can either choose to secure the #extensions using the wire or clip them in for even more stability. The choice is yours.

hair extension apllication system

The silicon halo wire sits comfortably on your head and is secured in place by the weight and volume of your own hair. It is an easy and uncomplicated way to wear your #extensions without pulling or damaging any of your own hair.

Applying the extensions using the invisible halo wire:

Styling professional @shaunaelizabeth is using the halo wire application method:

hair extension introduction

For more information and to see the full range of the Ulyana Aster hair extensions please go to our website.