Greetings, my dear followers and fans!

I have got so many messages recently regarding my online tutorials, so I have decided to share my thoughts with you.

Years ago, when I just started my career in hairdressing, there was no such thing as online education. So I had to attend college five days a week 8-hours a day and do extra practice at home on the weekend. At the same time I had couple of part time jobs, a few other projects on the side and, of course, a boyfriend :))

After all these years “juggling too many things” my hard work paid off and I have become one the best and the most popular wedding hairstylists in Australia, giving one-to-one classes and doing workshops around Australia, while building my own brand and business. Now I am happily married to “the boyfriend”, who’s been by my side all this time, through thick and thin, staying up till dawn if necessary, helping me meet deadlines and get ready for the next project. Becoming a mother just made my life even more interesting and exciting.

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Teaching people is a very rewarding job. Watching my students progress steadily, grow as professionals and achieve success always made me swell with pride, but after some time being a mother and a wife became my number one priority. Workshops and private classes used to take most of my time and energy, something had to change… so I decided to cancel all of them.

Instead, I built a website and uploaded my video tutorials online.

Now all you need is just a subscription to my website, a computer, Internet connection, and you get access to numerous hair styles and step-by-step instructions and tips on how to perfect them.

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Every month I prepare two new styles for my online students, and they can even receive a certificate upon completion of one full-year training and a final submission of 24 hairstyles done by them on video.

Just a few “pros” of online education:

Flexibility: Students can access their course at any time, they can log on from anywhere. Students only need a computer and Internet access to take the course.

Accessibility: Video tutorials can be accessible for students whenever they need them.

Students control study time: On-campus courses are typically scheduled in a more rigid format, with shorter classes running 50 minutes, and others over an hour, with several breaks in between. Online tutorials can be paused when needed, restarted and forwarded if necessary.

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Money saving option: Full year subscription is just $120, while attending one-to-one lessons in person may set you back a few thousand dollars.

Some people may think that you lose that personal touch when studying online, but I always make sure that all videos are shot from the best angles creating that feeling as if we had a real workshop. And of course, I am always happy to answer any questions regarding tutorials by email!

Don’t hesitate – get in touch with my team!

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